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Let’s talk about how you can get involved!

The BFF Sticker Club is an online community of sticker lovers (ie “Stickies”) founded by childhood besties, Annie Simkin and Laura Wonsik. The club is free and open to everyone, though mostly just for adults. There are a variety of ways to get involved including attending a weekly Instagram Live led by Annie and Laura, signing up for a monthly sticker swap, completing one of the weekly sticker challenges, sending traveling sticker mail to other stickies and so much more!

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"I have loved stickers since I was a kid, and The BFF Sticker Club has brought out the kid in me!"
"If you are looking for a welcoming, fun, silly, and all around JOYFUL community, you have found it with The BFF Sticker Club. Annie and Laura have really created something special and I feel so grateful to be a part of it. Not to mention, the Year of Stickers Book is my obsession. I genuinely look forward to adding daily stickers and religiously stalk the BFF Instagram page every Wednesday until the challenge is posted. Literally my favorite thing!"
"I am so glad that I discovered The BFF Sticker Club because it is the first club I have found where EVERYONE is welcome. Everyone can sit with us and everyone is celebrated.