Co-Presidents of the BFF Sticker Club

Annie and Laura are childhood besties who grew up amongst the cornfields of rural Indiana. They met in Miss Lemon’s 1st grade class, and their childhood was filled with American Girl Dolls, Bubble Tape gum, Polly Pockets, and playing perilously on Annie’s roof with Treasure Trolls sans parental supervision (it was the 90’s). Annie and Laura both grew up to be mental health therapists living in Ohio, still living cornfield adjacent, but in a more suburban type of way. 

On March 7, 2021, antsy for a hobby after a year of Pandemicing, Annie and Laura started an Instagram community centered around sticker loving adults. And the rest, as they say, is herstory. 

So, hey. Welcome.

We are so glad you’re here on the coziest corner of the internet. If you haven’t already, follow us at @thebffstickerclub on Instagram, and take a gander around our website. Thanks for sticking around, and remember that no matter the weather outside, with the BFF Sticker Club, there’s always a 100% chance of fun! 

Sometimes we do Podcasts!

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